Affiliate marketing can be an amazing activity to get into. It is an important part of the digital marketing ecosystem. In the US alone, the affiliate market value is expected to reach $ 8.2 billion by 2022.

Here are key points that we will discuss through the article.

1. Partner or agent
2. What is the essence of affiliate marketing
3. Affiliate marketing tools
4. Pros and cons of affiliate marketing

Partner or agent
It’s no secret that for most online merchants from a wide variety of companies, building a successful in-house affiliate program is not easy.
At least because it will take a lot of money to track partnerships, and the lack of time and professionals to work with the system is also a big disadvantage. At the same time, there are already thousands of online stores and e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Flipkart that have already set up their affiliate marketing systems. All you need to join them is a personal computer.

That is why affiliate marketing is very popular in the West, and in Australia, for example, this small business ranks first at the end of 2016. Actually, it is more correct to operate with such a concept as affiliate marketing, or more precisely, agency marketing. On the other hand, being a “partner” increases self-esteem, while the work of an agent is more associated with selling insurance policies or renting real estate.

“For some, this is a play on words, but for self-respecting corporations it is more respectable to deal with partners, even if they have not invested a cent in the company,” explains Vyacheslav Petrov, an expert on small business. – In the end, if there are no sales, there will be no manufacturer. Yes, and it is more pleasant for a person to feel needed for a big cause, which, of course, is the engine of his zeal. ”

Why is it important? Because by offering promotional services as a partner, an aspiring entrepreneur is essentially declaring his loyalty – the quality of his subordinates that any boss dreams of. So, in a letter or in a call to the sales department, by the way, of Amazon companies, the future businessman says that he is “burning with the desire” to become a faithful partner and bring great profits to the “overlord”, making every effort for this. Agree, the chances of cooperation in this case will be higher if it is just a banal sale.

What is the essence of affiliate marketing

The basics of an affiliate marketing business is a way of earning commissions for advertising a product or service on the World Wide Web through social media, blogs, email, and so on. Promotion is carried out through a referral link, for example, the popular software module of the 1C-Bitrix online store or a Lada car.

To obtain this link, the aspiring entrepreneur must register as a company partner. Whenever someone clicks this link to request or register on the website, they are paid a reward. Here is a best affiliate marketing course 2021 for beginners that can help you become an affiliate marketing expert.

In other words, getting into affiliate marketing involves five steps:

selection of a suitable product for promotion; –
registration as a partner;
getting a link to a referral;
creation and distribution on the Internet of the context where this link is;
receiving money for successful activities.

By Author: Jimmy Ken